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Why should you try Mediation?

Mediation offers a more affordable option, instead of having to pay thousands of dollars in attorneys fees to fight in court.  A neutral mediator can help the parties resolve their disagreements and in some cases, a written agreement can be signed at the conclusion of the mediation. 

This process allows for the parties to resolve conflict in a more peaceful way.  Follow the path the peace with My Mediation Path.

About The Mediation Path

Mediation Path was started in order to help people follow the path to peace. With mediation, you can resolve conflict and it provides a more affordable option compared to fighting in court.  Our mediators have experience in family law and civil law and will patiently guide you through the mediation process.


What We Do


An experienced family attorney will handle your mediation and the goal is for the parties to arrive to an agreement. Once an agreement is reached, usually, the agreement is signed and executed the same day. If there is an open case in court, you can attend mediation and potentially resolve all the pending issues. If that occurs, once the parties sign an agreement, the case can quickly be resolved after that.

You can attend mediation even if you do not have an open court case. Many times, there are issues that need to be resolved in order to avoid going to court. In family law, there can be co-parenting issues, timesharing (AKA “custody issues”), and parental -decision making disagreements. Having a mediator to resolve disagreements can save you money and bring you peace.


If you have an open civil case in court, you will probably be court ordered to attend mediation. The civil mediator is an experienced lawyer that is neutral and has experience with civil cases.

Some examples of a civil case include the following: Breach of contract cases, Eviction, Ejectment, Partition, and small claims cases. Even if you do not have an open case, then you can still attend mediation. If you are trying to avoid having to spend thousands of dollars fighting in court, the best solution is for the parties to attend mediation prior to filing an action in court.


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